About Me

Hey everyone!! I have finally finished setting my blog up whoop whoop (imagine someone playing a guitar-yes I said guitar, they’re awesome)!! Any pictures I post have been taken by either me or my sister Kaeto unless I have said it is someone else.  Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. Hey! I’m Ihe. I’m a 19 year-old student from London. Trust Sinach is a personal style and lifestyle blog where I can document the things that I love, share my personal style and have KFC while doing it. I love high street fashion, all things vintage, mini DIY projects (why buy it if you can make it?), singing and food. This blog will feature my outfits, fashion tips, videos and other stuff that inspires or interests me. I’ll try to post at least once a week and take it from there.

A woman’s dress should be a like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” – Sophia Loren

Climb a tree, drink tea, enjoy. Thank you for reading!!


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Ihe, now that you mentioned climbing a tree i just might do so…nah, i’ll settle with a cup of nice Kenyan tea and wish you the best in your blogging. try and make it more often than 3 weeks, that’s how you will grow your blog.

    happy bloging!

  2. Hi
    Im Karen from SA.My blog as you saw is a mish mash of contemporary Africanity, Phylosophy and of course all things political.Will be watching your space!
    Friend me on facebook if you like under karen grieve grassow collins.

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