OOTD| The Minimalist

Hey everyone!! I hope you are all well. It has been a while since I last posted. As you all know I’m a last minute person so getting prepared for uni was really hectic. I literally got everything 2 days before I went back. Freshers week is over and I’m ready to see what second year holds for me. I’m thinking about joining a couple of societies this year so I can meet new people. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. I should have done it last year but I was too preoccupied with assignments (Pharmacy is not a joke).




When it comes to getting dressed for uni I dress really casually. I like to be comfortable in lectures so normally I wear leggings. Today felt like a jeans days which is very rare for me and I decided to wear shoes instead of my signature boots. Sometimes it’s good to change it up a bit every once in a while. It is already fall and I cannot wait for winter to come; jumpers, coats, layering and boots are my ultimate weakness.



photo (2)

Black top ~ Select

Shirt ~ Gap

Jeans~ Topshop

Shoes ~ New Look

Bag ~ ASOS

Necklace ~ Accessorize

Bracelet ~ Present from a friend

Thanks for reading!



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