OOTD|Back To Basics

My hair is officially beyond styling. There is only so much you can do to  your edges before they start to look like a toilet brush. Hopefully, my mum will be able to relax my hair tomorrow and I can stop looking like a  tramp. The next hairstyle I am planning to do is Marley braids. I have seen a couple pictures of them and  they look awesome. I think the success of Marley braids depends on how you decide to style them for example, you can mix two colours together or make the braids really thick. Because I am so organised I have the hair already. I will do a post solely on my Marley braids and how I achieved them soon. Anyway, I decided to keep today’s outfit really simple and livened it up a bit with a waterfall jacket and high leg boots.

pics for august 2014 333

Waterfall jacket~ New Look

Black vest~Marks and Spencer

Leggings~New Look

High leg boots~New Look

pics for august 2014 264

 Rings~New Look

My cousins from Nigeria have come to stay for a while so we went to the field to play a few games. Some how we ended up giving each other piggy backs and showing off our gymnastic skills. I can proudly say that I can still do a pretty amazing cart wheel!!

pics for august 2014 335

I haven’t really  done any OOTD posts and what is  a personal style blog without OOTDs? I’m going to kick start the number of OOTD posts I do by taking on an OOTD challenge called “Dare to do 20” (D2D20). For this challenge I must post at least two OOTD’s per week until I reach 20 and hash tag it “D2D20” with the number of the post in the title e.g. #1| balloons, #2| Giraffe etc.

Fly a kite, learn to jump rope and thanks for reading!


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