Can’t sleep?

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My sister went on a school trip to France a couple weeks ago, guess what she got me!? A dream catcher!! I’ve always wanted one but I could never find one I liked. When I go back to Uni I’m going to hang it above my bed. I don’t know why this excites me so much; I think it’s because I have been looking for ages and now I have the perfect one! Anyway, you’ve probably noticed that I have an obsession with dream catchers. The handmade ones look original and old; that is what I love about them. Though I’m not sure the one my sister got me is handmade but it still looks awesome !!

Historically, Native Americans made dream catchers for their young to stop bad dreams. They believed that at night time good dreams and bad dreams would appear. Good dreams were able to pass through the centre of the web easily but bad dreams would become tangled in the web. At sunrise the bad dreams would be destroyed and that concludes the mini History lesson. Any questions?  Bungee jump, wear a top hat and thanks for reading!


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