DIY|Clip In Hair Extensions

This is the first time I have ever done my hair by myself. I feel so proud of myself because now if someone asks who did your hair I can say I did it myself! It’s a new achievement to add to the list.  It took me approximately 6 hours to do it in total but to be fair, I spent 4 hours sewing tracks together because I wanted to make the tracks thicker. The rest of the time was spent plaiting my hair while watching Dallas. I have watched one episode and now I’m hooked. I’m going to have a Dallas marathon tomorrow; can’t wait!!

Clip in hair extensions are the way forward. I can’t believe I have never thought of doing this before. There are so many benefits for example, I can easily take them out and wash my hair, if I get bored of the hair style or I don’t like it I can change it with a click of my heels and I don’t have to pay to have it sewn onto my head which saves a shed load of money in the long run. I am not ready to spend a ridiculous amount on clip in extensions so I decided to make some of my own. It’s actually not that difficult and this is coming from someone who has never done their own hair before. After doing my hair I felt really brave; I decided I wanted to relax my hair myself the next time it was due for a retouch. I made this suggestion to my mum and she said I would regret it once I had no hair left on my head!! Why would I wait that long to realise that me and relaxer don’t mix!? Madness.

I decided to go with a curly weave because I have been curling my hair for a while now using the pin curl technique. You can’t go wrong with something you know will work right? Wrong. I forgot how annoying curly weave is. I have to keep the part of my hair that I leave out curly and I don’t really know how to maintain curly hair so I just take the clips out at the end of the day. Any suggestions for maintaining curly hair will be welcomed with open arms! Apart from the effort of maintaining the curls I love the hair style. I will probably use the clip in method again because it’s so convenient but next time I’m going with long straight hair.

Go to Wonderland, build a tree house and thanks for reading!


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