Looking Ahead|Letter To My Future Self

Dear Ihe,

If you’re reading this now then you’ve successfully kept your blog running. Congratulations!!! Think back to now and you’ll realise how much your life has changed. You’re getting closer and closer to achieving your goals. Soon your plans will start to come to life and you’ll be closer to getting everything you ever wanted. When I say soon I mean in 2 years…that’s kind of short right? If you think about how fast the years just fly by you’ll be done in no time!

After endless application processes I finally have a job!  It took ages but it has taught me that determination, perseverance and confidence pays off in the end. I hope this day serves as a reminder that you can do anything you set your mind on.  I don’t know why but I have that potty training advert in my head that goes “I can do it too with Kandoo”. That was completely random and off topic but you know me, random is my middle name. Back to what I was saying, remember the plan and you’ll be fine. Tell me how it turns out!

To a successful career (I know you’ll make it happen), building new friendships and keeping the old ones; getting the life you’ve always dreamed of and never settling for less; cheers! Work hard, play later and you’ll reap the rewards.

Love from your crazy, clumsy and silly side that is hopefully still making daily appearances just to keep things interesting xxx

Visit Queen Elizabeth, be a mime for a month and thanks for reading!



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