These Boots Were Made For Walking

Boots, boots, boots!! You know how they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Well boots are mine! I wear boots 24/7. Well not 24/7 obviously; you know what I mean. My collection of boots has slowly expanded over the years and continues to grow (I’m a boots hoarder; so sue me!). In my opinion, boots are the most comfortable form of footwear (apart from trainers) and they go with everything in my wardrobe especially my smart/casual outfits. Boots have a way of making certain outfits look more sophisticated. I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different looks.

I have been looking for the perfect thigh high boots to add to my collection for ages. They need to be black or grey, suede and have a bit of heel. If anyone knows where I can find some please let me know. I would be really grateful and I would call you king/queen awesome forever (silly I know but it was all I could think of)! I tried looking for some recently and realised it’s summer. Why in the world would they sell boots in summer when summer is all about wearing flip flops and sandals? So, I will continue my hunt for the perfect thigh high boots in September and hopefully shops will have more variety.

Right now I’m in love with my khaki military boots. I can’t stop wearing them; the outfit combos I can team these boots with are endless! The great thing about them is they are not too high. I can’t walk in 6 inches to save my life but maybe as I get older I’ll learn. Right now I’ll stick to my 4 inches and flats. I think I’m 5’6 but someone once told me they were 5’6 and they were shorter than me so maybe I’m 5’7.  I should probably measure myself…Anyway, the point is that I’m tall already; I don’t need to be a tower!

Take a Gondola ride; adopt a dolphin and thanks for reading!


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